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The Grail

The Holy Grail – A thousand years and a thousand legends envelops the history of this mythical relic.

Some believe that its healing powers confirm God’s power on earth, while others claim its impotence as proof of the non-power of faith. Regardless of whose side you assume, nobody’s profit is something that benefits everyone…

Therefore, we must find this Grail before anyone else does and maintain the balance! Put your heads together and solve the riddle that nobody from Da Vinci to King Arthur has managed to find the Grail.

For your help you have the only true secret order, with infiltrators all over the world we work to maintain balance. Our “holy” representative will set you on the right path, and then it is up to you to follow it…

The Grail is Sherlocked’s first outdoor game. The Grail takes a step back towards the slightly more classic Escape Games as it is once again about solving the mystery before time runs out. In this case, it’s all about finding the lost grail. At Malmö’s most historic neighborhood, you are taken to places you have never been to before. Who do you take with you in hopes of trying to find the mythical grail?

Together with our friends in the neighborhood, the Café – Patisserie David and the Champagne Bar – San Greal we create a complete package with both activity, food and drink.

Patisserie David

When booking The Grail during the day (12.00-14.30) the game ends with our neighbors Patisserie. Take the opportunity to have a light lunch in the form of soup, quiche or try one of their good crepes. Or why not take a cup of coffee with a home-made pastry in our lovely courtyard?

Lunch: 69 SEK / person

San Greal

If you want to play in the afternoon and evening, the game ends with the girls at San Greal. Along with San Greal we offer a holistic approach. Book your game and end with the popular picnic box, this one is both as a vegetarian or with meat and consists of good cold cuts, good cheeses, other small and tasty as well as Patisserie’s homemade sourdough bread.

Picnic box: 155 SEK / person

Read more about our friends here:

Contact us for booking of coffe, food and drinks.


295:- per player


Norra Vallgatan 16, 211 25 Malmö


Age Limit

You must be at least 18 years of age to play The Tenants or 14 years of adult companionship.

Player Amount

2 - 4


60 - 90 minutes

Please note

Make sure you arrive on time!
No late arrivals are allowed!
You are let in exactly the time stated in your booking confirmation.

Do you have a gift box with 4 or 6 digits? Call us and we will book your adventure!

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