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The Landlady

In the beautiful 19th century environments of 221 Baker Street there hides unspeakable riches which the demented Mrs Hudson has amassed during a long and adventurous life. Wouldn’t it be time to unburden her of some of these earthly burdens? Join forces with Pip, Baker Streets shady paperboy, to infiltrate the building, avoid the warden of the house, Mrs. Parker, and gather as much valuables as you can!

Mad Lady Hudson is however no ordinary landlady. She has hidden away her valuables in the trickiest of places. And the fact that she guards it all with her late husbands shotgun…Best sneak in while she is asleep!

Step into a different world – an authentic 19th century immersive experience, with live actors, daring tasks and a genuine speakeasy bar at the end of the trying hour.

Baker Street is a place you can always visit again and again, unlike the other classic escape rooms. Come back in a few weeks and see if you can’t beat your own score, or come back after a few weeks more and it’ll be like a new experience in our ever changing and ever exciting environment.

Combine the two games – The Landlady and The Tenants – and compete in teams for an even more challenging and exciting experience!


350:- per player
OBSERVE! Limited offer!
(Ordinary price 375:-)​


Östergatan 5, 211 25 Malmö


Age Limit

You must be at least 18 years of age to play The Landlady or 14 years of adult companionship.

Early Bird Discount

Book three weeks ahead for 295:- per player.

Player Amount

3 - 6


60 - 90 minutes

You can be up to 12 players per time slot combining the two games on Baker Street, and up to 24 players with a 30 minute interval between time slots.


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