• How do we find the way to Sherlocked in Malmö and what is the address of the game?

    Sherlocked is located in the blocks of Sankt Gertrud in Malmö. We have two different addresses, depending on what game you have made a reservation for. Östergatan 5 – Baker Street’s The Landlady and The Tenants. Norra Vallgatan 16 – The Battle of Sankt Gertrud, Moriarty, and Irene Adler.

    If you have booked one of our games On The Road (Cases by Sherlocked) we will hold your game(s) at a location of your choice.

  • Can we consume alcohol before or during the game?

    Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs are strictly forbidden during the game at Sherlocked. You are more than welcome to grab a drink or two before arriving at Sherlocked. However, if the host suspect a participant to be drunk, intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs, he or she has the right to deny entrance of the affected person(s). No refunds will be made even if the person(s) does not take part of the game.

  • At what time do we need to arrive?

    Be on time! We will start the activity right on time, and much like catching a train, the time slot is precise—if you are late, the train will leave you behind. If you are a larger group, we would recommend that you arrive 5 minutes before the start of the game to make sure everyone is there on time. Late comers will not be admitted, and no refunds will be made.

    To save time and get the most out of your experience, use the restroom before you arrive and do not forget to bring your reading glasses. If you are playing two games at the same time, please divide yourselves into groups in advance.

  • Are the games adjusted for disabled?

    Sherlocked is located in one of Malmö's most ancient blocks. The buildings are old and K-labeled by law, which makes it difficult for us to adjust our games completely. Depending on your disability, there are games that are more suitable than others. Contact us for more information regarding the suitability of the games.

    Please let us know ahead of time in case you or any of your friends are bringing a wheelchair or any other aid.

  • What are the benefits of booking as a company?

    When you book as a company, you will be able to book your games today and pay with invoice after your visit. Pre-booking is available 60-100 days ahead of time.

    We offer a flexible solution where you easily can change the number of participants. The condition differs depending on the game you book.

    Baker Street and The Battle of Saint Gertrud: Up to 3 weeks ahead of your reservation you can change the number of participants free of charge. Your reservation will provide you with a minimum and a maximum number of participants. You will be charged for the number of people you are while playing, as long as you stay within the minimum and maximum.

    Cases by Sherlocked, Master Thief and Dinner Reservations: Up to 3 weeks ahead of your reservation you can change the number of participants free of charge. If necessary, you can cancel up to 10% of the participants previously agreed upon 7 days before your reservation.

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