Food & Drink

Let us fulfill your evening with the perfect “SHERLOCK DINNER” for the whole team!

With several menus to choose from, making dinner reservations through us will fulfill your evening and create an extra silver lining to your experience.

Salads, Burgers and Steaks to complete the Perfect Evening!

Your choice of beer, wine or non-alcoholic to drink with the menu.
All menus and prices includes Game and Drink.


Classic Cheeseburger & Fries
180 grams prime beef, brioche, cheddar, gouda, pickled onions, mayonnaise, tomatoes & fries.
Coffee will be served after dinner.

Portobello Burger & Fries **
Portobello mushroom, brioche, halloumi, aioli, cucumber, pickled onions & fries.
Coffee will be served after dinner.


Black & White + Dessert
Fillets of pork & beef, with red wine gravy and bearnaise. Served with fries.
For dessert a classic Creme Brulee & a hot cup of Coffee.

Fillet of Salmon + Dessert
200 grams salmon fillet, carrot puree, apple cider sauce, fried kale chips, butter-sauteed potatoes.
For dessert a classic Creme Brulee & a hot cup of Coffee.

* Prices may differ depending on what game you play and how many the reservation is for. Call us for the exact price of your game and reservation  040-651 21 00. 

** Vegetarian menu. Also, we are more than happy to serve our Vegan choice of Moussaka, if asked for when you make the reservation.

Sherlocked offers a wide range of Real Life Games and Escape Rooms. We even have games that can be played wherever you want. It does not matter if you are only two persons or if you are 500 persons – we have the best game for you.

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