Irene adler & Moriarty

The old legend tells us that Professor Moriarty, known as Sherlock Holmes primary archenemy, used to live and temporarily hide in Malmö during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. We believe that we have found his old apartment, well kept in one of Malmö’s oldest houses.

During the same time and under related circumstances, a woman named Irene Adler, went on a trip to Scandinavia. Irene is known to have outwitted Sherlock Holmes during a number of occasions, but despite her love for the deceiving arts she also had a passion for Theatre and Opera. As a highly requested singer she traveled the world, but this time people claim that Irene was in Scandinavia for a entirely different reason. Some even claim that she stole something very valuable…

Your task is to solve the clues and follow the traces these resourceful criminals left behind. What brought Moriarty here? Why does it seem like someone planned a kidnapping, and who was the target? And what kind of valuable item was Irene after that same night?

Moriarty is one of Sweden’s first Escape Rooms (2015) and potentially the most visited in the country.
Although the game goes a few years back, it is still one of the most appreciated games there is.
Along with our newest Classic Escape Room, Irene Adler, you can advance your challenge by combining the two rooms to create a battling and competitive experience.


– Make Sure you arrive on time –
– No entrances will be allowed after the time slot begins –

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Norra Vallgatan 16, Malmö



Ordinary price is 295:- per player


60 — 90 minutes

Age limit

You have to be 18 years old to play our classic games or 8 years old in adult company.

Player amount

— 5 players

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