The Tenants

The circus is in town, but not everything is as joyous as it seems. Invaluable stolen diamonds have been confiscated from the circus, and now they are said to be hidden somewhere in the tenants’ apartment at the famous 221B Baker Street.

Now is your chance to be the villain! Travel back in time to the world of Sherlock Holmes and step inside an authentic Victorian building from 1873. Within the space of an hour you will make your way through the rooms of Mr Holmes and Dr Watson’s apartment while investigating mysterious secrets and solving clever puzzles to collect points. Your adventure will then end in our speakeasy cocktail bar.

Disguise yourselves as plumbers to grant access inside Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson’s apartment. If you play your cards right, you just might be able to steal as many of the diamonds as you can before Scotland Yard finds you…

Unlike other Escape Rooms, you can always visit Baker Street again. Come back a few weeks later for a round two and a chance of a higher score – or visit us even later for a whole new experience in this ever-changing and thrilling activity.

Combine the two games – The Landlady and The Tenants – and compete in teams for a more challenging and entertaining experience!


Ordinary price is 375:- per player

Early Bird Discount

Book three weeks ahead for 350:- per player.


60 —  90 minutes


Östergatan 5, Malmö



You have to be 18 years old to play The Tenants or 14 years old in adult company.


— 6 players*


*Minimum charge is 3 players on The Tenants.
You can be up to 12 players per time slot combining the two games on Baker Street, and up to 24 players with a 30 minute interval between time slots.


– Make Sure you arrive on time –
– No entrances will be allowed after the time slot begins –

Do you have a Giftbox containing a series of 4 to 6 numbers? Give us a call and we will book your game for you!

Choose a free time and book “The Tenants”

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