Let yourself be drowned in the mystique that lies like a dense fog over our Victorian bar & bistro. Here you can smell the smoky brandy, and taste the sparkling bubbles, full-bodied wines and cool beers.

Book a table with us to enjoy a moment in Sherlock’s spirit, with atmospheric cocktails, bar dishes, a good beer, or a well-deserved glass of wine.


At Tales & Tables you and your friends can throw yourself into new adventures and top off your evening with additional games – at the table, the surroundings transform into a completely private game!

We invite you and your friends to our antique living room and our private tables, which tell a mysterious story and takes you on an exciting adventure with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.


Mondays – Saturdays

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2-4 players ………………… from 150 kr/person


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Tales & Tables
Norra Vallgatan 16, Malmö
Phone. 040 – 651 21 00

Sherlocked offers a wide range of Real Life Games and Escape Rooms. We also have games that can be played wherever you want. It doesn't matter if you are only two people or if you are 500 people - we have games for both large and small groups.

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