The Unfortunate Fortune Teller

Strange, other-worldly noises are unsettling the residents of a tenement on Terrace Street. Originating from one of the apartments, they keep recurring despite several investigations by the Scotland Yard. Now it is up to You, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to finally figure out the source of the disturbance and lay things to rest. Will you brave the dangers of the occult and learn what happened?

Our Tales & Tables games are immersive experiences where you get to bring a nice beverage and solve mysteries in booths with themed interiors. The voices of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson bring you along on the adventure and if you manage to solve the puzzles you help them solve the case.


175:- per person


Norra Vallgatan 16, Malmö

Age Limit

The minimum age limit is 14, in adult company. At least one person in the party must be over 18 years old.


45 – 60 minutes


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Number of players

2 – 4 people

Please Note

– Arrive on time –

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