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Welcome to Baker Street

The Tenants

We have all heard of the incredible detective consultants, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. In their beautiful 19th-century apartment, countless treasures are hidden, not least large diamonds that the detective duo confiscated from the traveling circus, Barnum and Bailey. But, shouldn't these priceless diamonds go to those more in need? Holmes and Dr. Watson are no ordinary tenants and they won't—unfortunately—just leave all the diamonds lying around anyway. Together, can you match the intellect of the great Sherlock and steal at least one diamond?

Team up with Pip, Baker Street's dodgy newsboy, to sneak into the house unnoticed by Housemaster Parker and collect as many diamonds as you can! But don't forget the landlady Mrs. Hudson, and that she guards the house with her ex-husband's gun... Best to sneak in while she's asleep and the detectives are gone.

Step into a completely different world — an authentic 19th-century setting that hides devious characters, clever challenges and a period speakeasy after-hours bar.

Unlike other Escape Rooms, you can always visit Baker Street again. Come back a few weeks later for revenge and a chance for a higher score.

When you visit Baker Street, your experience ends in our Victorian speakeasy bar. The bar is exclusive to Baker Street - you only enter the bar after visiting The Landlady or The Tenants. We highly recommend that you set aside some time after your game so that you have time for a glass or two in this enchanting setting. If you want to enjoy a drink before your game, you are welcome to our second bar, The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar, which is just a stone's throw away.

Combine the two games – The Landlady and The Tenants – and compete in teams for an even more challenging and entertaining experience!

The experience includes: Sudden sounds, flashing lights and live actors.

The time in the game itself is 60 minutes, however the whole experience with the finish and result distribution in Baker Street's own speakeasy bar is 90 to a maximum of 120 minutes.


395:- per person

Number of players


Time consumption

90-120 min




Östergatan 5



Age limit

You must be at least 18 years old to play The Tenants or 12 years old in adult company.

Combine the games at Baker Street and JACK for a joint start with up to 18 players and a shared ending in our Speakeasy bar.