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About Sherlocked


Sherlocked was founded in 2014 as a smaller Escape-Room player. Since then, Sherlocked has developed a full-scale theater and restaurant, and over 700 square meters of games and Real Life Escape Advetures.

Idag har Sherlocked fyra olika produkter:
Baker Street, JACK, The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar and Sherlocked On The Road.


På Baker Street finns två spel, The Landlady & JACK.

Med 3-6 spelare tar man sig igenom en hel lägenhet med olika problemlösningar, en historisk miljö och skådespel I The Landlady.

In our latest experience, JACK, which is a thriller adventure, you'll assist Scotland Yard in finding evidence to catch Jack the Ripper

With 3-6 players, you descend into the underground to investigate Jack's hideout. The creaky elevator takes you down into a world of eerie tunnel systems and frightening characters. 

The games take approximately 90-120 minutes.

The time in the game itself is 60 minutes, however the whole experience with the finish and result distribution in Baker Street's own speakeasy bar is 90 to a maximum of 120 minutes.

The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar is our restaurant and venue for our.
Sherlock Mysteries.

We are open every day of the week! You are welcome to come in, enjoy a delicious drink, savor our Flatbread Bonanza, or play one of our three mystery games

Our Sherlock Mysteries are for 2-4 people, and you get to play them with a nice cocktail in your hand

A game takes about 45-60 minutes.

Sherlockes On the Road - Unsolved Cases is Sherlocked's portable game that works great for team building and as a conference activity.

We come to your office or conference. Challenge colleagues by taking on historical and unsolved cases.

Choose between our two unsolved cases: Master Thief and Missing Landlord. 

From 10-500 participants.