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At Our House

Team building begins right from the pre-game mingle! Start your experience in the best way possible with a glass of bubbly in hand and our delicious appetizers. Our authentic turn-of-the-century setting sets the mood as you plan your upcoming mission on Baker Street.

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Takeover Baker Street

Have exclusive access to Baker Street!
As a company, you have the opportunity to book outside our opening hours, when you subscribe to the whole house with us. Then a host, snacks and own bartender in our Victorian speakeasy bar are included!

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Dinner & Cocktails

Enjoy our cocktails before we serve:


A table filled with freshly baked flatbread, baked to perfection in the Roman way, with selected toppings.

Round off the evening with coffee and avec,
and something sweet to chew on.

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In captivating and authentic settings, with innovative and creative puzzles, we create an unforgettable experience with our own restaurant and games where both collaboration and logical thinking take center stage. Take your corporate event on a journey back in time with our award-winning games at Baker Street, where you'll encounter professional actors and can relax in an authentic Victorian speakeasy bar after a Sherlock Holmes-inspired adventure. Or why not enhance your meeting as we bring excitement and mystery with us in our portable games?


Gather your colleagues for an evening filled with excitement and mystery at Sherlocked!

You'll start the evening at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar, where you'll be welcomed by your personal host who will take care of you throughout your experience, so you don't have to worry about anything other than having a fantastic evening! With a refreshing glass of bubbly in hand and some snacks, you'll mingle and chat before the game begins.

Then it's time to put your thinking caps on: You'll head to London's Baker Street, where you'll solve challenging tasks and collect as many jewels and diamonds as you can in an authentic turn-of-the-century setting. But be careful not to wake up Mrs. Hudson and get caught!

After an hour of excellent detective work, the entire team will have time to relax and process the experience while enjoying some refreshing drinks in our Victorian speakeasy bar.

The evening concludes in the restaurant. Here, your host will reveal the results and the winner while you sip on a cocktail before dinner. Then it's time for your Flatbread Bonanza!

Sherlocked On The Road

Let our fantastic game directors make your corporate event a success!

What's better after a day of meetings than a little healthy competition within the work group? Perfect for team building. Get the gears turning with our fun, lively and clever puzzles during your mingling or during a break during the day. Whatever you choose, we will give you a unique experience that will make your colleagues collaborate like never before!

All you need is an indoor venue with enough space for all participants in Skåne or the Öresund region (including Copenhagen, Denmark) and Sherlocked will take care of the rest. If you don't have a suitable place, that's no problem - together with our partners, we offer fantastic environments for your game and your conference!

Some of our partners are Hotel MossbylundRåbylunds gårdMalmö Arena HotelSankt Gertrud and Stiftsgården Åkersberg.

We turn your corporate event into an unforgettable experience!

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Unsolved Cases

Take a break from reality and step into the role of detective for an hour with our portable mystery games. To solve these tricky cases, you need to rub your brains and work together properly! A thrilling experience where you compete against each other in teams - who will solve the case first?

Fine prizes are promised to the winning team!

Choose between our two unsolved cases: Master Thief and Missing Landlord

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Mingle mysteries

Spice up your company mingling with our clever mingling stations! Our lovely game leaders appear with a tricky puzzle for your party to tackle with a glass in hand - perfect before you sit down to the table or as entertainment in the buffet line!

We tailor the arrangement to your needs and add a golden edge to your event.

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To improve your experience and visit with any of the above - fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 040-651 21 00!

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Common questions

Sherlocked is located in the Sankt Gertrud quarter in Malmö, approx. 10 minutes walk from Malmö central station. We have two different addresses, depending on which game you booked:

Östergatan 5 – Baker Street:
The Landlady,

Norra Vallgatan 16 – The Sherlock Mysteries:
The Mystery of Madame Zizam,
The Mystery of the M/S Moran,
The Mystery of the Old Machine.

Consuming alcohol during the games at Baker Street and JACK, as well as bringing your own alcohol, is strictly prohibited in all our premises at Sherlocked. It's no problem to have a glass or two before coming to us. However, we have the right to refuse entry if your game host considers that a person/persons in the party are too drunk or under the influence of drugs. No refunds will be made if this person does not participate in the game.

Our Sherlock Mysteries are laid out differently and there is the option to buy a drink at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar before you start your game and can bring the drink into the game. After completing the game, you are warmly welcome to settle down in one of our bars and have something to drink and talk about your experience.

Be in time! Our games on Baker Street and JACK start exactly at the start time you booked. The time is exact - if you are late, you will miss your game start. We recommend gathering your group approx. 5-10 minutes before your start time at the correct address to ensure everyone arrives on time. People who arrive late will not be admitted and no refunds will be made.

To save time and get the most out of your experience, come prepared! Go to the toilet beforehand and bring reading glasses if you need them. If you have booked more than one game, please divide yourselves into teams before your start time begins.

Regardless of the game, you are always welcome to sit down a while before at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar at Norra Vallgatan 16. If you are going to play our Sherlock Mysteries, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your game starts, so that you have time to order something good to drink to take with you into games.

Sherlocked is located in one of Malmö's oldest neighborhoods. The buildings are old and K-marked, making it difficult to fully customize the games.

Depending on the handicap, some games are more suitable than others.

Contact us for more information to find the most suitable game for you.

When you book as a company, you can book your games today and pay with a company invoice after your game. You also have the option of putting the child's bill on the invoice if desired. Pre-booking is possible up to 120 days before and times that are not available for others to book. We offer a flexible solution where you can change the number of players. Depending on the games you have booked, the following applies:

Baker Street, JACK & Sherlock Mysteries: Up to 3 weeks before, the booking can be cancelled, rebooked and adjusted in the number of players free of charge. You will be charged for the number of players as long as you are at least the minimum number for your booking and have used all the games you have booked.

Sherlocked On the Road: Up to 3 weeks before, the booking can be cancelled, rebooked and adjusted in the number of players free of charge. After that, the number can be adjusted up to 10% up to 1 week before.