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To make a booking, press the "Games" button in the menu at the top of the page. Scroll down to the booking calendar. Enter the time and game you wish to book and then follow the instructions. A booking can be made 60 days in advance if you book directly on the website. If you want help with the booking, just give us a call on 040 – 651 21 00 during our telephone hours.

When your booking is completed, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the email address you entered when booking. If you have not received an email, follow the steps below:

  1. Check if the time you just booked is still available to book on our website. If it is still available, the booking did not go through. Then try making a new booking
  2. Double check that you entered the correct email address
  3. Check your spam
  4. If you've checked off the steps above and you still haven't received a confirmation email, send us an email or give us a call and we'll help you.

Yes! All our payments are made on the spot, which means you can make your reservation today and pay when you visit us. Should your visit be missed, payment will be made by invoice.

Any rebooking or cancellation takes place directly with us. You can find our contact details and telephone times at the bottom of the website. For private bookings and on-site payment of your game, the conditions apply that you can cancel your booking up to 7 days before your visit. Up to 2 days before your visit, we offer rebooking. We can only offer to reschedule your game once. For corporate bookings please see separate email confirmation with our corporate terms and conditions. For questions about your booking, please contact us.

Absolutely you can! Our Sherlock Mysteries games: The Mystery of the Old Machine, The Mystery of Madame Zizam & The Mystery of the M/S Moran are all games for 2-4 people. These games are available in our restaurant The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar, which you are welcome to come to shortly before to order something good to drink, which you can then take with you to play.

Do you have a value code with a series of letters and numbers that was purchased from us? Enter the code in the field ENTER GIFT CARD CODE and press ADD. You can add multiple gift card codes to the same booking. The amount of your code will be deducted from the total game cost automatically. If there is an amount left to pay on the booking, this will be paid in connection with your visit.

Online: Go to the gift card page in the menu. Fill in all the information and follow the instructions. Payment is made through Payson. Your gift voucher will then be sent to the specified e-mail address. If you want a physical gift box sent home, a shipping fee of SEK 40 is added. The gift box costs SEK 50 and consists of a nice little box with a brass key in it.

On site: You can also visit The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar at Norra Vallgatan 16. We sell poison boxes on site during our opening hours and payment is by card.

Be in time! Our games on Baker Street and JACK start exactly at the start time you booked. The time is exact - if you are late, you will miss your game start. We recommend gathering your group approx. 5-10 minutes before your start time at the correct address to ensure everyone arrives on time. People who arrive late will not be admitted and no refunds will be made.

To save time and get the most out of your experience, come prepared! Go to the toilet beforehand and bring reading glasses if you need them. If you have booked more than one game, please divide yourselves into teams before your start time begins.

Regardless of the game, you are always welcome to sit down a while before at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar at Norra Vallgatan 16. If you are going to play our Sherlock Mysteries, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your game starts, so that you have time to order something good to drink to take with you into games.

It is always good to adjust the number of players to the game you have booked up to your booking. You pay on the spot according to the number of players, starting from the minimum number of players to the maximum number of players for the game you have booked. You can find the number of players for your booked game under the game READ MORE.

Även om våra spel är skapta för vuxna så välkomnar vi en yngre publik av ungdomar. Vi tror det är individuellt vilken behållning man får av det som ungdom och låter er som föräldrar avgöra. Vår åldersgräns är från 12 år till The Sherlock Mysteries spelen och på Baker Street där vi har spelet The Landlady. Om man är mellan 12–18 år och vill komma och spela några av dessa spel måste minst en vuxen vara med. Ha i åtanke att alla våra spel är på engelska och ska vara utmanande för vuxna. Till JACK har vi en strikt åldersgräns på 18 år. Kontakta oss vid frågor.

Babies and children under the age limit will not be admitted. The surroundings and environment at Sherlocked are not suitable for babies and therefore we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

Alla våra spel finns endast på engelska och skådespelarna ni möter på Baker Street och i JACK talar engelska.

Sherlocked is located in the Sankt Gertrudkvarteret in Malmö, approx. 10 minutes walk from Malmö central station. We have two different addresses, depending on which game you booked:

Östergatan 5 Baker Streets The Landlady & JACK

Norra Vallgatan 16 Sherlock Mysteries: The Mystery of the Old Machine, The Mystery of Madame Zizam & The Mystery of the M/S Moran

Consumption of alcohol during the games on Baker Street as well as bringing your own alcohol is strictly prohibited in all our premises at Sherlocked. It's no problem to have a glass or two before coming to us. However, we have the right to refuse entry if your game host considers that a person/persons in the party are too drunk or under the influence of drugs. No refunds will be made if this person does not participate in the game.

Our Sherlock Mysteries are laid out differently and there is the option to buy a drink at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar before you start your game and can bring the drink into the game. After completing the game, you are warmly welcome to settle down in one of our bars and have something to drink and talk about your experience.

Sherlocked is located in one of Malmö's oldest neighborhoods. The buildings are old and K-marked, making it difficult to fully customize the games. Depending on the handicap, some games are more suitable than others. Contact us for more information to find the most suitable game for you.

Sherlockeds Baker Street är ett “Real Life Escape Adventure” där ni tar er an utmaningen att samarbeta med professionella skådespelare för att samla på er så mycket smycken som möjligt.

You will solve several different puzzles, challenges and problems in a limited time.

Unlike the usual classic "Escape Rooms", we offer a titillating adventure where you step into a completely different world—an authentic 19th-century setting that hides sneaky live actors, clever challenges throughout an entire apartment, and a period speakeasy bar after hours.

In our "Real Life Escape Adventure" your goal is not to get out as quickly as possible - instead, your success is measured by how well you cooperate and how much diamonds or jewelry you get with you.

In our "Real Life Escape Adventure" your goal is not to get out as quickly as possible - instead, your success is measured by how well you cooperate and how much diamonds or jewelry you get with you.

At The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar, you and your friends can plunge into new adventures with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in our Sherlock Mysteries. In a dedicated space, the interior lets you experience one of three different adventures!

I JACK får ni uppleva Viktorianska Londons mörka undersida, i en thriller upplevelse som ni sent kommer glömma…

This is all you need to know before a visit to Sherlocked. Trust us - the less you know, the more exciting it will be! Try Sherlocked, succeed at Sherlocked, fall in love with Sherlocked.