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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

With a variety of thrilling and challenging activities and experiences, a bachelorette party or bachelor party can't go wrong at Sherlocked!

Enigmatic mysteries, thrilling scavenger hunts, live characters, and dark, creative environments that feel like they're straight out of a movie.

Experience unforgettable moments at one of our Escape Adventures in Malmö as we transport your group to another world where collaboration, mystery, and entertainment take center stage.

Visit our games at Baker Street & JACK and celebrate with drinks and snacks in our Victorian-style Speakeasy Bar after your game. We'll have a table reserved for you right after your experience.

In The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar, we invite you into the world of Sherlock Holmes with exciting cocktails, delicious snacks, festive flatbreads, and perplexing mysteries waiting to be solved. In our smaller games The Sherlock Mysteries, you can bring something tasty to drink into the game with you. 

You can also book a table for dinner or cocktails here even if you're not planning to play any of our games. 

Are you ready to transform your bachelorette party or bachelor party into an extraordinary celebration? Grab the nearest magnifying glass and give us a call!

You can also make a booking directly through our website. We're more than happy to assist you with planning to find the perfect setup for your activity!