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The year is 1888. The infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper is rampaging through the streets of London's Whitechapel. He stalks around in the dark with his knife and murders women in deserted alleys. By now he must have already chosen his next victim... No one knows where he will go next, but there are whispers that a dark figure in a top hat has been seen disappearing into the underworld, just around the corner from Baker Street.

A constable from Scotland Yard will pick you up outside the entrance and give you the information you need. You will be the first group of detectives to investigate Jack's hideout, to find the evidence necessary to frame him! The chief of police has given you one hour for the mission. The rickety elevator leads you down into a world of shady tunnel systems and terrifying characters. If you're unlucky enough to run into Jack down there - run! And beware of the dark, he hides in the shadows…


JACK is an adrenaline-triggering thriller experience with elements of various challenges.

The experience includes: Smoke, flashing lights, loud noises, dark spaces, uneven surfaces and live actors.

You participate at your own risk if you:

  • is pregnant
  • have some kind of physical impediment that requires aids (crutches, plaster, etc.)
  • risk some form of epileptic seizure
  • is noticeably intoxicated

We reserve the right to deny a person entry if our recommendations are not followed.

Effective playing time is up to 50 min. The experience lasts up to 120 minutes, ending in Baker Street's own speakeasy bar where you have a table reserved for your company for up to an hour after the game.


395:- per person

Number of players


Time consumption

90-120 min




Östergatan 5



Age limit

18 years for all participants. No exceptions.

Combine the games at Baker Street and JACK for a joint start with up to 18 players and a shared ending in our Speakeasy bar.