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Whole house

The whole of Baker Street to yourselves!

The best visit and sharpest team building you will get at Sherlocked's Baker Street!

When you book Hela Huset, you come when it suits you. You get exclusive access to our games on Baker Street, private bar, snacks and your own bartender. In several teams of 3–6 people, you leave reality for a moment when you step into a 150-year-old house. Over the course of an hour, you make your way through an entire apartment in the world of Sherlock Holmes, while solving riddles and puzzles to collect points. Here you also meet characters portrayed by professional actors.

We tailor your visit

Combine "The Whole House" with a visit to our restaurant - ask for The Sherlocked Experience when you book to get a proper full evening. We take care of everything - from the aperitif to the dessert and everything in between. You just need to focus on enjoying yourself (and solving some puzzles, of course)!

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or if you want help planning your visit to Sherlocked!

Subscribe Sherlocked

– Personal host - Your host will take care of you throughout your visit.

– Games - You have all the games on Baker Street all to yourself.

– Private bar - You subscribe to the whole house with bar, with snacks.

Contact Us

To improve your experience and visit with any of the above - fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 040-651 21 00!

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Common questions

Sherlocked is located in the Sankt Gertrud quarter in Malmö, approx. 10 minutes walk from Malmö central station. We have two different addresses, depending on which game you booked:

Östergatan 5 – Baker Street: The Landlady & The Tenants, and JACK
Norra Vallgatan 16 – The Sherlock Mysteries: The Mystery of Madame Zizam, The Mystery of the M/S Moran & The Mystery of the Old Machine.

Consuming alcohol during the games at Baker Street and JACK, as well as bringing your own alcohol, is strictly prohibited in all our premises at Sherlocked. It's no problem to have a glass or two before coming to us. However, we have the right to refuse entry if your game host considers that a person/persons in the party are too drunk or under the influence of drugs. No refunds will be made if this person does not participate in the game.

Our Sherlock Mysteries are laid out differently and there is the option to buy a drink at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar before you start your game and can bring the drink into the game. After completing the game, you are warmly welcome to settle down in one of our bars and have something to drink and talk about your experience.

Be in time! Our games on Baker Street and JACK start exactly at the start time you booked. The time is exact - if you are late, you will miss your game start. We recommend gathering your group approx. 5-10 minutes before your start time at the correct address to ensure everyone arrives on time. People who arrive late will not be admitted and no refunds will be made.

To save time and get the most out of your experience, come prepared! Go to the toilet beforehand and bring reading glasses if you need them. If you have booked more than one game, please divide yourselves into teams before your start time begins.

Regardless of the game, you are always welcome to sit down a while before at The Sherlock Holmes Cocktail Bar at Norra Vallgatan 16. If you are going to play our Sherlock Mysteries, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your game starts, so that you have time to order something good to drink to take with you into games.

Sherlocked is located in one of Malmö's oldest neighborhoods. The buildings are old and K-marked, making it difficult to fully customize the games.

Depending on the handicap, some games are more suitable than others.

Contact us for more information to find the most suitable game for you.

When you book as a company, you can book your games today and pay with a company invoice after your game. You also have the option of putting the child's bill on the invoice if desired. Pre-booking is possible up to 120 days before and times that are not available for others to book. We offer a flexible solution where you can change the number of players. Depending on the games you have booked, the following applies:

Baker Street, JACK & Sherlock Mysteries: Up to 3 weeks before, the booking can be cancelled, rebooked and adjusted in the number of players free of charge. You will be charged for the number of players as long as you are at least the minimum number for your booking and have used all the games you have booked.

Sherlocked On the Road: Up to 3 weeks before, the booking can be cancelled, rebooked and adjusted in the number of players free of charge. After that, the number can be adjusted up to 10% up to 1 week before.